Our Vision, what we want to be:
Our vision is to offer the best service within construction industry through Innovative Customer Solutions, Project Management Performance and Logistics, and offer a complete team for our customer.

Our Mission, how we will get there:

To provide quality construction services resulting in distinctive, value-oriented products that exceed our customer's expectations, creates opportunities for the development and growth of PNG citizens and serves as a benchmark for our industry.

Our values, what we stand for:

Customer Satisfaction: Maintaining highly satisfied customers by continuously providing a high standard of services in completing their needs.

Value Adding: Building relationship with Customers and Suppliers which focuses maximizing value for all parties.

Integrity: Doing what we say we will do in a timely manner.

Respect for Each Other: Realizing and acknowledging the value of trust, teamwork, diversity, cultural differences, and the total involvement and commitment of all employee.

Safety and the Environment: A primary commitment to Safety and Environmental responsibilities to our working area, our employees and the general public.

Our Company Structure, what we are made of:

Our Business is 100% PNG owned and is made up into three distinct Divisions covering Construction Projects, Construction services and Building and Maintenance. All three division liaise with one another to provide more effective and efficient services, lower costs of our operation, and provide faster responses to production and delivery for the customer


Lae Builders and Contractors Ltd., is an experienced, fully integrated building and manufacturing organization that specializes in the fabrication and installation of all building components involved in the construction industry. Through these activities, we are focused on enhancing and maximizing the value of our customers needs while maintaining and building the image of our team.

Lae Builders & Contractors Ltd., has grown over the last 50 years to be major contender for multimillion construction projects in Papua New Guinea, ranging from commercial and industrial infrastructure .

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Lae Builders & Contractors
P.O Box 1730, Lae
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